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WANTED: Anyone wanting to purchase any number of small tools and engineering items. Happy to supply someone looking to stock or set up a small business selling all sorts of tooling, from taps and dies to hand tools to drill chucks, etc, etc..... Ideal for selling on line or shows/events. Please call me, Howard, on 07753 610420.

Just arrived, waiting for photos to be published. Call for early viewing.

Myford Super 7B lathe with Gearbox. A good machine. Is an earlier model with some marks on the bed. Will be inexpensive for a Super 7 with a gearbox. Do give me a call.

Stunning Myford Super 7B with gearbox, power cross feed & Induction Hardened Bedways. Owned from new, purchased from Myford in Nottingham (Beeston) and has had next to no use. Just absolutley stunning, the last of the green models.

Myford Super 7 lathe with power cross feed. Another lovely example of a one owner original machine. Lovely looking bed and obviousley been looked after. An excellent mid budget machine with the advantage of power cross feed.

New in, photos just added, see below.

Late Myford ML7R lathe with DRO & Newton Tesla variable speed. A very late model with a desirable Newton Tesla Motor & variable speed controller. Zero setting tailstock dial. DRO on saddle & cross-slide with display. Original factory Black from Myford Nottingham. A super setup so do call for early viewing.

NEW & unused Myford BIG BORE Super 7B PLUS with gearbox & power cross feed. Owned from new, purchased from Myford in Nottingham (Beeston) and not used. Obviously is stunning. Imperial. Just arrived and my word, will be a joy to it's future new owner. Remember: made, assembled and tested by the original Myford factory in Nottingham. This could even be a collector's machine as I imagine it could well be the last, unused Nottingham machine out there.


Also available:

Myford ML7 complete motor bracket with counter shaft.

Myford Super 7 & ML7R complete saddle assemblies.

Myford cabinet stands for sale. Industrial or standard, for long or standard bed Myford lathes.


You are most welcome to call Howard at any time on 01225 812155 or 07753 610420 to discuss or reserve any machine for sale here.

Part Exchange welcome.

Click on image for more detailed photos, information and sale price.










Main view big bore spindle  Myford super 7 7B lathe for sale SK171170

Myford Big Bore Super 7B Plus.
Stunning condition with very little use.
Gearbox & Power cross feed. Imperial.

main view Myford ML7R lathe KR167969 for sale

Late model Myford ML7R Lathe. Imperial.
DRO & Newton Tesla variable speed.
Original Nottingham factory paint option.

front view SK158500M Myford Super 7 7B lathe for sale

Myford Super 7B Lathe with
Gearbox & Power Cross Feed.
METRIC Super condition.

Myford super 7 7B lathe for sale SK160518 front view

Myford Super 7 Lathe with
Power Cross Feed. Imperial

Front View Myford super 7 7B lathe for sale SKL153360

Very good Myford Super 7 Lathe
with Power Cross Feed.

main view Myford trileva ml7 lathe for sale

Myford Trileva ML7 Lathe with Gearbox.
"Time Warp" stunning condition.
One owner, very little use. Imperial.

front view Myford ML7 gearbox lathe for sale K43361

Myford ML7B Lathe with Gearbox.
Very nice condition, one very careful
owner. Imperial.

front view Myford ML7 gearbox  lathe for sale K115891

Myford ML7 Lathe.
Super condition, one owner,
well looked after. Imperial.


front view Myford ML10 Speed  lathe for sale Vs167721

Stunning Myford ML Speed10 Lathe.
Late model with little use. Desired
one piece motor bracket. Imperial







Call Howard on 01225 812155 or 07753 610420
Alternatively email:



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