Just arrived, waiting for photos to be published. Call for early viewing.

BCA MK3 4 slot rotary table. Not a complete compound table but ideal if you have a BCA and need an undamaged rotary table. No overmill marks and the 4 T slots are all in good order.

Sigma Jones (early BCA) 3 slot rotary table with compound slide. Ideal if you want to use in conjunction with a milling column and head. Some filled over milling marks but generally good and the 3 T slots are undamaged.

Trent Pinion Mill. Extremely well made and complete less motor although I do have a Parvalux motor here if needed. Elliot Isaacs design & developed by Alan Timmins. Built from Hemmingway kit HK1610. Accurate pinion cutting for the clock and instrument maker. A super item.

New in, photos just added, see below.

Fobco bench mounting pillar drill. Desirable late 16mm model with 2MT spindle hence removable drill arbor. Super original condition with the light blue paintwork. A top quality English pillar drill. Be quick as it is stunning and will be snapped up!

Amolco bench mounting pillar drill. Lovely original condition this is a top quality, not too big, pillar drill. Excellent reputation. See below.

Meddings bench mounting pillar drill. Super original condition with the light blue paintwork and unmarked table. Along witht the Fobco, a top quality English pillar drill.

Quick-step Mill. Brand new with metric collets and "Y" centre finder. Can achieve a huge variety of second operations to turned workpieces, including milling, sawing, drilling, tapping and grinding. Ideal for Myford lathe users. Collets are ER20. Can be mounted in the lathe's tool post. High torque reversible DC motor, 9 speed mechanical drivetrain (100 - 4,000rpm). These units are not currently in production so a rare item to aquire. Call quickly if interested.

Cowells milling machine. Later version in super original condition. A number of people have asked me to keep an eye out for one of these so please get in touch. Just arrived. Photos available.

Also available, please call.



You are most welcome to call Howard at any time on 01225 812155 or 07753 610420 to discuss or reserve any machine for sale here.

Part Exchange welcome.

Click on image for more detailed photos, information and sale price.

front view amolco fobco meddings  pillar drill for sale

Lovely Amolco pillar drill.
Very nice quality item.
Single phase & bench mountable.

main view fobco universal 16mm bench piller drill for sale

Fobco Universal 16mm pillar drill with 2MT.
Owned from new and hardly used. Stunning.
You won't find another one like this !

main view meddings bench pillar drill for sale

A Stunning Meddings bench pillar drill.
One owner, unmarked table. Quality.

doc view myford malcolm wild overhead drive for sale

Rare, Malcolm Wild designed, overhead
drive. Ideal for wheel & pinion cutting on
Myford Super 7, ML7R or ML7 lathes.

front view quick step mill John Payne's design by Hemmingway for sale

An unused Quick-Step mill.
John Payne's design by Hemingway.
Milling, drilling, tapping & grinding.

main view myford rodney mini miller milling ml10 diamond speed 10 for sale

A first class Rodney Mini miller attachment
for use with the Myford ML10, Speed10 or
Diamond 10 lathes.


front view myford vmb vertical milling machine for sale

Myford VMB vertical milling machine.
This is immaculate, virtually unused.


front view emco fb2  vertical milling machine for sale

Lovely Emco FB2 Milling Machine with
table power feed. Nice 630x150mm table.
Little use, 2MT, single phase.


front view rodney myford milling machine for sale

Immaculate Myford Rodney Milling.
For Myford Super 7, ML7R or ML7 lathes.
Believed to be new and unused, hence superb.


main view dore westbury milling machine  for sale

An excellent Dore Westbury milling machine.
With MT2 spindle, long column, drilling
& fine feed. One owner & single phase.





Call Howard on 01225 812155 or 07753 610420
Alternatively email:



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