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A lovely condition, John Payne's designed, Quick-Step Mill for sale. Supplied by Hemingway with universal imperial/metric collets.


The Quick-Step MillĀ© is essentially a powered spindle that can be mounted in the lathe's tool post. Suitable for lathes of at least 3 1/4" centre height, the Quick-Step Mill integrates the following elements in a single precision machine tool, manufactured to the highest standards.

* High torque, reversible DC motor (runs on 240V or 110V mains)
* 9 speed mechanical drivetrain (100 - 4,000rpm)
* ER20 spindle/collet chuck system
* Vertical slide accurate to 0.001" over 1.5" of movement

The Quick-Step Mill can complete a huge variety of second operations to turned workpieces; including milling, sawing, drilling, tapping and grinding. 4 axis milling is easily achieved by controlling the lathe's saddle, cross-slide and top-slide and the Quick-Step MillĀ© vertical slide; allowing you to work in virtually any plane (radial, axial or compound).

The spindle of the tool is made from high-tensile steel with the nose machined to accept ER 20 collets. The use of collets ensures exceptional cutter truth and rigidity. The collets are closed with hex spanners and securely grip the plain shank of cutters without the need for threaded ends. Both metric and imperial shank tools can be held in the same flexible collets.

The centre height of the spindle is adjustable by steps and by feedscrew; step range is 2 1/2" and feedscrew range is 1 1/2" with a dial calibrated in 50 divisions of 0.001". There is also a facility to firmly lock the slide.


A rare item to find and currently not available. Ideal for any Myford user.


Price: £ SOLD (no additional VAT to add)

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